My name is Laura and aside from various day jobs, I am a Sheffield-based food blogger. I am also a bit lazy, so have cleverly combined all this talk of food with a few choice anecdotes to save me from having to keep a diary as well.

On the 1st January 2012, stuck for a new year's resolution, I decided to become a vegetarian. During 2012, there were four or five minor mistakes, all with very good reasons behind them . Sort of. Anyway, I am still a veggie so it goes without saying that my recipes will rarely contain anything meaty.

Why food? Well, I've been writing rubbish online for over 10 years now but as a serial faddist and drifter, I get easily bored and am fickle with my interests. Food will always be in my life and if it's not, well, then I will be dead so I won't be able to write a blog anyway. My interest in food is not just borne out of necessity though, I also get great pleasure from beautiful food and enjoy cooking, baking and eating out.

If nothing else, I hope this blog provides me with the motivation to carry on cooking and experimenting with food. Oh, and the motivation to write about it.

I'd love to speak to anyone who happens to come across this blog and has read this far. If you're not a commenting-on-blogs type of person, then please contact me about anything food or non-food related.

Otherwise, happy reading!

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