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  1. Hi MM, i'm presuming u are not Merban Mehboob(my nemesis) and trying to lure me into drinking yellow snow again! I like ur blog very much and as somebody starting out in the world of catering i would like to offer u my services as a researcher/chief taster(one of my dream jobs)/writer(i don't have a portfolio but i have my own twitter account for u to check my writing) If u would be interested in me joining ur venture then contact me on twitter or at Fat Sam's van where i work on Friday and Saturday nights!
    Good luck and merry munching!!

    1. Hi Gulshan,

      You're my first commenter and a fellow foodie! A match made in colleague-heaven!

      Yes, I would be very interested in the other dimension you could bring to the blog. I don't see why you couldn't write a few guest posts! I'll be in touch.